June 2020 Officer's Meeting Minutes

6/18/20 Meeting Minutes

  1. Secretaries Report Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. Membership Report 19-20 Season

  4. 148 Memberships

  5. 309 Members

  6. 7 Business Members

  7. Membership Report 20-21 Season

  8. 74 Memberships

  9. 153 Members

  10. 3 Business Members

  11. Trail work two weeks ago went well

  12. Had 12 people show up Saturday

  13. 10 People show up Friday

  14. Lakeview Trail Cut, Needs Two Bridges put in

  15. Going to make bridges this week

  16. Pressure treated lumber is getting hard to find currently

  17. Still not having safety classes

  18. Want to have regular meeting again next month

  19. Either North Berwick Community Center or at Hatfield’s Pond

  20. Bill and Sue are going to find out who to talk to about using North Berwick Rec

  21. Set for Thursday Night July 9th at 7 PM

TRAIL CONDITIONS  OPEN with exceptions


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Hatfield Pond Trails
OPEN - Updated 5/6/2020
Trails are open, please be respectful and carry in - carry out!



Powerline Trail
Partially OPEN - Updated 5/15/2020
Trail is open, except the section through potter's field which is still saturated and needs to dry out more.