July Meeting cancelled due to weather, we are hoping to return to having member meetings with a new outdoor location to provide social distancing for August.

Normally, Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month

at the South Berwick Recreation Department.

6/18/20 Meeting Minutes

  1. Secretaries Report Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. Membership Report  19-20 Season

    1. 148 Memberships

    2. 309 Members

    3. 7 Business Members

  4. Membership Report 20-21 Season

    1. 74 Memberships

    2. 153 Members

    3. 3 Business Members

  5. Trail work two weeks ago went well

    1. Had  12 people show up Saturday

    2. 10 People show up Friday

    3. Lakeview Trail Cut, Needs Two Bridges put in

    4. Going to make bridges this week

    5. Pressure treated lumber is getting hard to find currently

  6. Still...

                5/14/20 Meeting Minutes

  1. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  2. Membership Report

    1. 19-20 til June

      1. 129 Memberships

      2. 267 Members

      3. 7 Business Members

    2. 20-21 Season

      1. 34 Memberships

  3. Hoping to put in run from Brown’s pit to Messenger’s Bridge

  4. Doesn’t want us using roads at Hatfields as a permanent thing but can cross wherever

  5. Went out to make sure trails are dry enough to open, cut some drainage

  6. Need gravel or stone run out to...


  1. Meeting Minutes Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. A lot going on with task force

    1. Want trails wider, going to be up to landowners what they want to set for a limit.

    2. Offered a strip of land along long swamp in very back away from lake would add ½ mile.

    3. Registration cost to be voted on

    4. For covering gaps on bridges, is this for all bridges even if no running water?

    5. Talking about third party inspections

    6. A lot of work ahead.  We are a small part of the system.

    7. Have some places we should fill at Hatfields.

    8. Going...


  1. Meeting Minutes Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. Membership Report

    1. 117 Memberships

    2. 243 Members

    3. 6 Business Members

  4. Trails are closed for winter and mud season

  5. Had 36 Individual people Volunteer for trail work this year

    1. A lot more than normal

    2. Hardly anyone got 40 hours in

    3. Bill would like someone to take his place

    4. Couple connector trails he would like to do in spring

    5. Eric is supposed to be talking to one of his friends that owns a piece of property to trail down backside of long swamp road


11/13/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Meeting Minutes Accepted

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Trails Report

    1. Bill needs receipts to submit for grant

  5. Christmas Toy Ride was success

    1. Gave check to fire department in addition to all of the toys collected

  6. Might be good time of year to trim brush before first snowfall

  7. Should scout for tree stands before making trails.

  8. ATV Maine

    1. A lot of land owners want trails closed in November for hunting season

  9. Want to close hatfields for winter so trails can be groomed for s...

10/9/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Last Meeting’s Minutes Accepted

  3. No Change to Membership Report

  4. Larry and Ed and a couple guys went out and made a trail around section where guy got into accident last month

    1. Trail is rerouted there

  5. Someone from the Sanford Club trimmed around big bridge

  6. Need to work on Making Hatfield trails into one big loop

    1. On rides always run into other groups in the worst spots

    2. May connect some logging roads so that they can get maintained

      1. Need to propose this to the landowner

  7. ...

9/11/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes read and Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. Membership Report

    1. 108 Memberships

    2. 226 Members

    3. 5 Business Members

  4. Trail Report

    1. Part Sanford Club did looks good

      1. Not sure how long it will stay good because there is no drainage culvert

    2. Still trimming to do, have done some

    3. More signs need to go out

    4. Trying to schedule a work day

    5. When leaves start dropping going to try to connect back side of trail to make one big loop

    6. There was an accident on the powerlines


8/14/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Minutes Read and Accepted

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Membership Report

    1. 99 Memberships

    2. 205 Members

    3. 5 Business Members

  5. Trail Report

    1. Sanford Club filled the big mud hole on power lines with stone and no culvert

    2. Some went out and repaired two broken boards on a bridge

    3. The dirt bike club had their event and they were supposed to have asked our permission to use our trails and didn’t.  Issue has since been resolved.

    4. Still trimming to be done at Hatfields and on power l...

7/10/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Meeting Minutes from last meeting accepted

    1. Amended, the mini fridge was for the yard sale

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Membership Report

    1. 2018 – 2019 Final Numbers

      1. 122 memberships

      2. 228 members

      3. 5 Businesses

    2. 2019 – 2020 to date

      1. 93 memberships

      2. 192 members

      3. 4 Businesses

  5. Trail Report

    1. Rode power line last weekend

      1. No plan to fill until it dries

      2. Bridges look very good

      3. Did trimming la...

6/12/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Secretaries Report Accepted

    1. Changing wording on website to “ Official Recognition with gift for 40 + hours” for trail work

    2. Smaller gift suggested as lower tier for people who don’t complete the full 40 hours

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

    1. Thank you card needed for Northeast Motorsports for cash donation

  4. Membership Report Accepted

  5. Trail Report

    1. Trails took a beating during ride from everything still being wet

    2. Had stone delivered to potter’s field

    3. Was scheduled for Tuesday...

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