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3/3/2023 News

We will be having our first meeting of the year on March 9 at 7 PM at the S. Berwick Community Center

Trail Work Hours also count as community service hours for high school students.  Contact a club official for more information.

12/8/2022 News

Tonight the club voted unanimously to relinquish stewardship of our section of the CMP Powerlines that run from Lebanon to Waterboro. This was not an easy decision, as many of our founding members had invested literally over 30,000 man hours building the trail from scratch almost two decades ago. Unfortunately, our current volunteer pool is getting older and decreasing in size, and the amount of work needed to bring the trail up to state specifications is beyond what we are capable of.

We do not know what the future holds as far as the trail. It is possible another club may pick it up, or it may be closed to ATV traffic permanently.

As it stands, currently, the trail is closed and it will remain that way until further notice.

With all that being said, the club is in desperate need of volunteers for our board of officers as well as volunteers to help maintain our Hatfield trail system for next year. We are in real danger of the club shutting down completely, as we are not getting enough volunteers to help us, despite a robust membership . We understand that everybody is busy, but even one day a year, helping us maintain the trails can make a world of difference! Our next meeting will be in March where we will be accepting nominations for our officers and Board of Directors. We hope to see you there!

Club memberships due for

for 2022-2023 season


Memberships expire in June 2022.   To download our standard membership form, click on the SMATV logo below to open the form. The business membership form can be opened by clicking on the button below.


You can print out and mail the completed form, or stop by a meeting on the second Wednesday of the month to drop it off. You can also renew your membership at any of our events.

10/19/2022 News


The clubs CMP powerline trails in Lebanon are closed until further notice. This was not the club’s decision. The state has come in and done an assessment on the trail conditions (as they are throughout the state), and found them unsuitable for riding due to lack of maintenance and dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, we are having a difficult time maintaining the two trail systems due to a diminishing volunteer pool. The majority of our volunteers have been doing this for over a decade, and quite frankly are burnt out. We are seeing what we can do to get them reopened, but unfortunately, we do not have an ETA in the near future. 

2023 ATV Safety Training



All training courses will be held at the South Berwick Recreation Center on Norwell Street.

The course will run from 8 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m. The cost is $5 per person and lunch will be served.


Youths between the ages of 10 and 16 are required by law to complete one of these courses in order to drive on the trails. The course is also fantastic for drivers of any age!

Classes fill quickly so please call right away to get in!

For more information, please contact Ed Coleman at 207-490-2736

5/19/2021 News

There have been some questions about our trails systems, so hopefully this will help clarify.

Hatfield Pond system in Berwick:

- approx 14 miles of trails

- parking off of Ridlon Rd at either the trailhead or the pond lot.

- It is requested that you be a member of a club. Not necessarily ours, but the landowner does check occasionally.

- ATV’s, SxS’s and Dirtbikes are allowed. 65” width maximum.

- Trail Rating: All Riders. Some rocks and mud, but overall very accessible.

CMP Powerlines in Lebanon

- approx 12 miles of trails, connects to Ossippee Mt ATV club

- There is no designated parking

- Potters Field is closed until further notice. Bakers grant to Emery is new access route to school house ice cream.

- ATV’s and SxS’s are allowed 60” maximum.

- NO Dirtbikes per CMP

- Club membership is not required, but is encouraged

- Trail Rating: Medium to expert skill levels. Very rocky and muddy, not recommended for novice riders.

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