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5/8/19 Meeting Minutes

5/8/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Secretaries Report Accepted

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Member Report

  5. 97 Memberships

  6. 179 Members

  7. 5 Business Members

  8. 10 + more memberships since last count

  9. 2 New Business Members Added

  10. Robertson’s Open House

  11. $54 in merchandise sold

  12. 4 memberships added

  13. Robertson’s did a business membership too

  14. Added more members at trail cleanup too

  15. Trail Report

  16. Clean up

  17. Great Job Everyone

  18. 12 people at start, more showed up

  19. 2 full trailer loads of trash taken out

  20. Dump gave us permit to throw away for free

  21. A lot of people showed up that wanted to ride

  22. A couple of new trail heavily compromised over winter from logging.

  23. May need a new bridge

  24. Some clearing is required

  25. Need to set up times for this

  26. Trail Clean Up times

  27. Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon meet 4:15 at trailhead

  28. There is a new caretaker on the property, Eric and Bill went and talked to him

  29. Open to use of roads but doesn’t want to open them yet.

  30. We would have to take liability for any damage if opened

  31. Going to see which pieces make sense to use once trail map is out

  32. Can use currently if we need access but not for riding

  33. Need to get trails cleaned and opened up is first priority

  34. Second priority is we need a map

  35. Third we can evaluate if sections of road make sense to open up

  36. Sunday a group went and cleaned up power line trail

  37. Blanchard road there was a bunch of tires

  38. Want to stop trucks from gaining access to dam at landowners request

  39. Starting next Tuesday for trail work

  40. Need to clean up matting at Potter’s Field

  41. All the woods chips we filled it in with are gone

  42. Yard Sale

  43. Haven’t done much advertising

  44. Want to move to June 15th to give more time to advertise and prep.

  45. Will be from 8 – 5 that day.

  46. Sending email to bring donations for yard sale / bake sale

  47. Going to put on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

  48. Facebook videos and Youtube has expanded business at Robertson’s and why Sanford ATV Club has gotten so popular

  49. Going to send out email to see if we can get someone to design poster

  50. Another Charity Ride

  51. Too much other stuff going on already.

  52. Businesses get hammered with request for donations and we can only go ask so many times

  53. Website

  54. 40 hours of trail work jacket needs to go on website.

  55. Putting Trail work hours count for community service.

  56. Group Rides

  57. Separating into groups for rides.

  58. Person taking registrations should help split people into groups

  59. Northeast Motorsports Open House

  60. Saturday 10 -2

  61. Eric will be there

  62. Safety Announcement from Police Department

  63. Be careful when out picking up trash with bottles that have liquids in them.

  64. If a bottle seems cloudy inside or suspicious do not touch it and contact the police department.

  65. Trails Opening

  66. Trails are opening this Saturday, Power line trail as well

  67. Insurance

  68. The club memberships comes with a $3500 Accidental Death and dismemberment benefit as part of ATV Maine

  69. If you get the form and the mail sign it and put away in a safe place

  70. Safety Classes

  71. 28 People at the last safety class

  72. Everyone passed

  73. June 22nd almost full already

  74. June 2nd Ride

  75. Sending out emails and posting to Facebook

  76. Doing 50/50 raffle and maybe a couple door prizes

  77. Need Someone to sell t-Shirts and stuff

  78. Group email to all members, Sue will send out.

  79. Sending out a poster again.

  80. Suggestions for charities for future benefit rides

  81. Camp Capella, a summer camp for disabled kids, sent us a lettering asking for donations

  82. Life Flight, a helicopter pickup for people injured in remote areas. The club has had to use before.

  83. There is going to be a Lifeflight helicopter in Sanford soon

  84. Meeting Adjourned

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