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March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes


1. Need to put up signs to close trails for mud season

2. Safety Classes are open to any age now as long as the child is able to take the test on their own.

3. Children still need to be 10 to be able to drive machine on their own.

4. 7 people have signed up for our first safety class already.

5. Waterboro is doing two safety classes this year.

6. Membership stats haven’t changed from last month

7. Safe Harbor Storage has a new owner and we talked to him.

a. They gave us a much better price including a discount and we will be moving in

b. It’s on 202 across from Uhaul and a 10 x 15 unit

c. Have told old rte 4 storage we are moving out end of April

d. They are fine with us loading the uhaul and leaving it there overnight before rides

e. Gate closes automatically at 7:30

f. Keys work for both units for people that have a key currently

g. We are giving our one extra key to Eric

8. New England Trail GPS want to come to our rides and set up table to show and try to sell their products

9. We are ok to share some business content on the Facebook page from our business members

10. Next Month is election of officers.

11. Nominees

a. President – Eric

b. Vice President – Ed

c. Sectretary – Steve

d. Treasurer – Mike

e. David Hasty needs to be replaced as a board member, Susan Watter nominated

f. Trailmaster – Bill, has a couple assistants currently

12. Night Ride

a. September 21st

b. Registration starts at 6

c. Ride starts at 7

d. Will be to benefit food pantry

13. Yard Sale

a. May 11th and 12th

b. 8 AM – 3 PM

14. Moving Storage Unit

a. April 13th

b. 9 AM

c. Sue will move clothing over and send out reminder

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