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September 2020 Meeting

9/9/2020 Meeting Minutes

1. Hatfield’s

a. Landowner put someone in charge of keeping trucks out of beach area

b. Larry & Bill put some cables out to keep people out of the island area

c. Ed was going to look into getting some concrete barriers

d. Not sure how much traffic we are getting

e. There is a big loop out the whole way around now

f. Might be adding some new trails at some point

g. Put two bridges in on new trail

h. New Trail is marked with signs

2. Sept 26th unofficial night ride

a. Do we want to do a bonfire and everything or just ride

b. How are we going to announce the ride

c. Meet at 6:30

3. November Toy Run

a. Sue is going to contact fire department to see how they feel about collecting toys

b. Could collect cash or gift cards instead of actual toys

4. Website

a. Currently getting about 300 visits a month

5. Meeting Adjourned


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