August 2020 Officers Meeting

8/12/20 Meeting Minutes

  1. Secretary Report Accepted

  2. Treasurer Repost Accepted

  3. Membership Report

    1. 95 Memberships

    2. 194 Members

    3. 7 Business Members

      1. 2 New Business Members

  4. Trail Report

    1. We haven’t done a whole lot this year for trail work due to the pandemic

  5. Merchandise

    1. Looking at ordering key chains for selling at rides and giving to new members

    2. Going to see how much more add a light, whistle or bottle opener to key chain

  6. September 26th Night Ride

    1. Sending out to members

    2. Not going to have snacks

    3. No sign up fee, might sell merchandise

    4. Desserts have to be wrapped individually if brought

  7. Toy Ride is 1st Sunday in November

  8. Going to try to do full meeting next month










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TRAIL CONDITIONS  OPEN with exceptions


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Hatfield Pond Trails
OPEN - Updated 5/6/2020
Trails are open, please be respectful and carry in - carry out!



Powerline Trail
Partially OPEN - Updated 5/15/2020
Trail is open, except the section through potter's field which is still saturated and needs to dry out more.