Meeting Minutes May 2020

                5/14/20 Meeting Minutes

  1. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  2. Membership Report

    1. 19-20 til June

      1. 129 Memberships

      2. 267 Members

      3. 7 Business Members

    2. 20-21 Season

      1. 34 Memberships

  3. Hoping to put in run from Brown’s pit to Messenger’s Bridge

  4. Doesn’t want us using roads at Hatfields as a permanent thing but can cross wherever

  5. Went out to make sure trails are dry enough to open, cut some drainage

  6. Need gravel or stone run out to set base so it doesn’t sink any deeper

    1. going to put old chain link fence down first to stop rocks from washing out

    2. going to drop gravel at gate

    3. 3 inch stone, two dump trucks full

    4. Had a couple people volunteer use of dump trucks

  7. Ordered trail signs

  8. Not scheduling any safety classes or rides until more restrictions are lifted

  9. Might do smaller night ride, no tent or food or anything

  10. Not really sure about night ride at this point, might do without bonfire.

  11. Should wait until we can have 50 people together before scheduling trial work

  12. Life flight contacted us about setting up and building a site

  13. 100 x 100 foot minimum size

  14. Steve is going to call Ed next Tuesday to see if we can go out and work on boardwalk

  15. Leaving toy ride up on the website and taking down all other rides and saftety classes for time being.

  16. Steve is going to double check the business app is changed

  17. Continue officers only for another month and see what happens

  18. Next Meeting Thursday June 18th.










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TRAIL CONDITIONS  OPEN with exceptions


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Hatfield Pond Trails
OPEN - Updated 5/6/2020
Trails are open, please be respectful and carry in - carry out!



Powerline Trail
Partially OPEN - Updated 5/15/2020
Trail is open, except the section through potter's field which is still saturated and needs to dry out more.