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Meeting Minutes March 11th


  1. Meeting Minutes Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. A lot going on with task force

  4. Want trails wider, going to be up to landowners what they want to set for a limit.

  5. Offered a strip of land along long swamp in very back away from lake would add ½ mile.

  6. Registration cost to be voted on

  7. For covering gaps on bridges, is this for all bridges even if no running water?

  8. Talking about third party inspections

  9. A lot of work ahead. We are a small part of the system.

  10. Have some places we should fill at Hatfields.

  11. Going to go out and hang up signs to show we are closed for mud season.

  12. Stay Tuned

  13. Membership Report Unchanged

  14. Safety Classes

  15. Bill and Ed are the only two instructors

  16. We had another volunteer to be trained

  17. Dates for Classes this year

  18. April 25th

  19. May 9th

  20. June 20th

  21. August 15th

  22. Group Rides

  23. July 12th 1st Charity Ride with cookout.

  24. Brian Bronson told Eric we probably won’t get an exemption for out of state riders this year.

  25. Going to apply anyway to see if we can get it

  26. Shows people what trails are like up in Maine, can bring more people up to the state to ride regularly

  27. August 14th to 16th Free Weekend for the State

  28. Going to have safety class during the day and have night ride that night to benefit the club

  29. Will recommend people bring machines and stay for the ride

  30. 2nd Night Ride

  31. Saturday September 26th to benefit food pantry.

  32. Toy Run November 1st

  33. Need Charity for July Ride

  34. Looking into Life Flight in Sanford which is a non-profit

  35. If we get down here for ride maybe they could pick out a evacuation point for the helicopter since we don’t have a sand pit now

  36. ATV Maine often has someone from that group talk

  37. Officer Election Next Month

  38. Board Members are there if somebody needs to vote on something

  39. 5 Board Members or Officers are required to spend more than $500

  40. Bill is the Trailmaster, which is an appointed position and not voted on, is looking for a replacement.

  41. Sanford Maine ATV has been using the SMATV acronym and someone needs to talk to them about this as we have been using this for 10+ years.

  42. Ed has made a new map and handed out some copies of it.

  43. The trail work banquet is April 18th in Brewer, ME

  44. Meeting Adjourned.

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