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January 2020 Meeting Minutes


  1. Meeting Minutes Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. Membership Report

  4. 117 Memberships

  5. 243 Members

  6. 6 Business Members

  7. Trails are closed for winter and mud season

  8. Had 36 Individual people Volunteer for trail work this year

  9. A lot more than normal

  10. Hardly anyone got 40 hours in

  11. Bill would like someone to take his place

  12. Couple connector trails he would like to do in spring

  13. Eric is supposed to be talking to one of his friends that owns a piece of property to trail down backside of long swamp road

  14. Need to figure out what we are going to do to fill the gaps on bridges

  15. Do we want to do 3 or 4 safety classes?

  16. Northeast motorsports open house went okay, talked to a lot of people but didn’t really sign anyone up

  17. Bob Sullivan has a charity he would like to throw out there for one of our rides

  18. Got a letter from spearhead trails, Coburn, VA

  19. Inviting us down to ride trails

  20. Open to street 4x4, ATV and UTV

  21. Building a sportsman’s complex with archery, pistol and rifle range.

  22. Meeting Adjourned

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