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November 2019 Meeting Minutes

11/13/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Meeting Minutes Accepted

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Trails Report

  5. Bill needs receipts to submit for grant

  6. Christmas Toy Ride was success

  7. Gave check to fire department in addition to all of the toys collected

  8. Might be good time of year to trim brush before first snowfall

  9. Should scout for tree stands before making trails.

  10. ATV Maine

  11. A lot of land owners want trails closed in November for hunting season

  12. Want to close hatfields for winter so trails can be groomed for snowmobiling and cross country sking

  13. Close trails right through mud season at end of hunting season, December 15th

  14. Membership report

  15. 238 Members

  16. 114 Memberships

  17. 5 Business Members

  18. Northeast motorsports open house

  19. December 7th 10-2 can setup up 8:30

  20. Need people to sit at booth

  21. Paula is not at Northeast Motorsports anymore

  22. Going to meet at storage unit to pick up some stuff first

  23. April is election of officers

  24. Going to skip December and February meeting, will still meet in January 8, 2020

  25. Ed thinks worked out good doing the one big loop

  26. Maybe we could go as a group to fright night ride next year it was the same night as our second informal night ride

  27. ATV Maine is having stickers made and they are going to be $5

  28. The rule pending right now is 65 inches max width and 2,000 max dry weight with no grandfathering

  29. Trying to get state gas tax money split between snowmobilers and ATV, snowmobiling get a larger portions currently

  30. There are to be no gaps on bridges. Existing bridges will need to be filled, will have two year deadline to get done.

  31. Might have to close trails for hunting season

  32. Waterboro passed 3 roads for access roads

  33. Meeting Adjourned

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