9/11/19 Meeting Minutes

9/11/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes read and Accepted

  2. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  3. Membership Report

    1. 108 Memberships

    2. 226 Members

    3. 5 Business Members

  4. Trail Report

    1. Part Sanford Club did looks good

      1. Not sure how long it will stay good because there is no drainage culvert

    2. Still trimming to do, have done some

    3. More signs need to go out

    4. Trying to schedule a work day

    5. When leaves start dropping going to try to connect back side of trail to make one big loop

    6. There was an accident on the powerlines

      1. Man was on a 2wd sport quad and flipped the machine

      2. Broke hand, hurt back, is ok but hand will need surgery

    7. Need to look at fixing ledge so maybe its not so steep

    8. Going to be building bonfire before night ride

    9. No pressure treated wood but can bring any scrap wood any one needs to get rid of

    10. Bring Snacks

    11. Going to make grab bags for kids w/ glow sticks and flashlights

    12. Lazy frog had a bit of an issue at their ride where one of the landowners didn’t want people on his property but the issue was resolved

    13. Bring cash or check or food to donate

      1. Check should be made out to Southern Maine ATV Club

  5. Got Insurance Policy from ATV Maine

    1. Insurance now matched with fiscal year.,

  6. Task Force from Governor’s Office

    1. Looking to find out how many miles of gradable trail we have

    2. And Excavator would be more help than a grader for the types of trails we have

  7. Power lines might gain 5 miles if expanded south

    1. Would connect up to powersports dealer if we did that.

  8. Dirt Bike ride was a big event

    1. They get a lot more access for this event because it is only for one day where as are atv trails are open all season so they are harder to get access for.

    2. They were good about it and are sending us a donation in exchange for using our trail as part of their ride that day.

  9. Community service for high school kids

    1. Noble high school will write vouchers for community service for people helping the club

  10. Need to write press release for Sentinel for upcoming ride

  11. Trail work day with be next Tuesday night at 4:30 at hatfields

  12. Splitting people up into groups for the ride

    1. Make a group for bigger machines as they tend to get hung up on stuff and take longer.

  13. Going to bring some sweatshirts and stuff to sell at the ride

  14. Had 60 Machines last year

  15. Meeting Adjourned

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