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Hatfield Pond Trails
OPEN - Updated 10/27/19
Trails are in great shape and still expanding.



Powerline Trail
OPEN - Updated 10/27/19
Trails are in great shape.



10/9/19 Meeting Minutes

10/9/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Last Meeting’s Minutes Accepted

  3. No Change to Membership Report

  4. Larry and Ed and a couple guys went out and made a trail around section where guy got into accident last month

    1. Trail is rerouted there

  5. Someone from the Sanford Club trimmed around big bridge

  6. Need to work on Making Hatfield trails into one big loop

    1. On rides always run into other groups in the worst spots

    2. May connect some logging roads so that they can get maintained

      1. Need to propose this to the landowner

  7. Should we close the trails for the winter?

  8. Need to send Sue a copy of Toy Ride Poster

  9. Use colored tape to mark trails?

  10. Maybe give some trails over to Sanford Maine ATV Club?

  11. Maybe have another informal night ride

    1. End of October on Saturday or Sunday

    2. 26th chosen as day

  12. Meeting Adjourned

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