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8/14/19 Meeting Minutes

8/14/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Minutes Read and Accepted

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Membership Report

  5. 99 Memberships

  6. 205 Members

  7. 5 Business Members

  8. Trail Report

  9. Sanford Club filled the big mud hole on power lines with stone and no culvert

  10. Some went out and repaired two broken boards on a bridge

  11. The dirt bike club had their event and they were supposed to have asked our permission to use our trails and didn’t. Issue has since been resolved.

  12. Still trimming to be done at Hatfields and on power lines

  13. Need to go and inspect the repairs that the Sanford club did.

  14. Trail Map

  15. Ed made a map with Garmin Base Camp

  16. Steve is going to upload it to the website.

  17. Safety Class this coming weekend

  18. Class is on and has a 6 person waiting list.

  19. Saturday Trail Work

  20. Going out to do trail work on power lines and inspect repairs Saturday

  21. Meeting at Hen House for breakfast first.

  22. Can park at Hebo Hybo as long as not blocking any gates.

  23. ATV Maine

  24. Meeting is this weekend.

  25. Night Ride is next month

  26. We still have one more meeting before

  27. Going to do at least a 50/50 to at least cover cost of ride.

  28. Meeting Adjourned

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