July 2019 Meeting Minutes

7/10/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Meeting Minutes from last meeting accepted

    1. Amended, the mini fridge was for the yard sale

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

  4. Membership Report

    1. 2018 – 2019 Final Numbers

      1. 122 memberships

      2. 228 members

      3. 5 Businesses

    2. 2019 – 2020 to date

      1. 93 memberships

      2. 192 members

      3. 4 Businesses

  5. Trail Report

    1. Rode power line last weekend

      1. No plan to fill until it dries

      2. Bridges look very good

      3. Did trimming last night

      4. Going to widen trail over top of ridge

    2. Saturday morning going out to do more trimming

      1. Meeting 8 AM at Hatfields at the upper parking lot

      2. Bring loppers and rake to fill in ruts

    3. Trail over all very good and dried out well

    4. Have been working trails on Tuesdays

    5. Seem to be getting rained out on Thursdays

    6. Not going to look into trout diversion until fall when all of leaves have died out

  6. 40 Hour Trail Work

    1. Cooking and cleaning and setting up stuff should be tracked separately

      1. This wouldn’t count towards the grant but the club wants to track it separately for club purposes.

      2. Especially Norm

      3. Paperwork stuff and Facebook stuff too

    2. Have to be careful designating prizes ahead of time so as to not overrun budget and will make a decision on what to buy when the time comes.

    3. Do not need to be a club member to do trail work.

    4. Would non club members be covered by insurance?

    5. Going to check with school to see if they have any policy in place for what happens if a kid gets hurt doing community service

  7. Roads at Hatfields

    1. Want to put in two more trails before opening roads.

  8. Map

    1. Is in the works and not finished yet

  9. Big mud hole on power lines everyone is getting stuck in

    1. Is going to need a culvert eventually and to be filled with stone

  10. Newpaper

    1. To get an article in the paper we would need to issue a press release and it’s up to the paper if they want to print it or not.

    2. Someone just has to type up something and bring it to the paper

  11. Checklist for rides

    1. Is made so we can remember everything that has to be done.

  12. Meeting Adjourned

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Powerline Trail
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