6/12/19 Meeting Minutes

6/12/19 Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order

  2. Secretaries Report Accepted

    1. Changing wording on website to “ Official Recognition with gift for 40 + hours” for trail work

    2. Smaller gift suggested as lower tier for people who don’t complete the full 40 hours

  3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

    1. Thank you card needed for Northeast Motorsports for cash donation

  4. Membership Report Accepted

  5. Trail Report

    1. Trails took a beating during ride from everything still being wet

    2. Had stone delivered to potter’s field

    3. Was scheduled for Tuesdays and we had to cancel so we could go recover a machine that was stuck on the power lines and it was raining.

    4. Need to set date to go lay stone at potter’s field.

      1. Next Tuesday the 18th we are going

      2. Need to do so that people stop riding the road.

    5. Thoughts on Group Ride

      1. Went Well

    6. Working on making one continuous loop

    7. Everyone  did a good job clearing up the logging path

      1. Added a lot of length to the system

    8. Need to go out and do trimming

    9. Need to be at least in pairs for trail work

    10. All of the bridges need entrances and exits filled and the two big ruts at the entrance need to be filled

    11. Using 3 Inch Stone

    12. Need to put more signs up in pit where we have bonfires, there was someone riding in it the other day.

    13. Looking into making signs to mark our trails so people know which club they belong to.

    14. Someone is donating a Snap-On mini fridge to raffle or auction off at the Yard Sale.

    15. Need to pick up some donations for the yard sale this week.

    16. The yard sale is at 54 High St.

  6. Safety Classes

    1. June 22nd

    2. 7 person waiting list, class full currently

    3. 3 People going to teach class

  7. Supplies

    1. Down to 50 pens left for new memberships, do we want to order more?

    2. There are also only 5 large stickers left

    3. Plenty of small stickers

    4. Had 50 larger previously and down to 5

    5. We have a small mark up on the stickers when we sell them.

  8. Storage Unit

    1. Had Offer for insurance, there is none included

      1. Going to pass on insurance for time being

      2. Voted Against

  9. New Ideas

    1. Suggestions for Charity Ride next year

    2. Suggestions to encourage more trail work

      1. Lower tiers for rewards

      2. Like 10 for a hat

  10. Meeting Adjourned

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