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April 2019 Meeting Minutes


1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Date to move storage unit changed to April 20th

3. Trails

a. All trails are still closed

b. Going to leave at all trails are closed to avoid confusion

c. Need date for trail clean up

4. Yard Sale

a. May 11th and 12th, Mothers Day Weekend

5. First Group Ride of the Year – Jun 2nd

6. Trail Cleanup date is May 4th

a. Meeting at beach area at 8 AM at Hatfield’s

b. Probably more trash on power lines too

c. Are going to make hot dogs for lunch

d. Going to talk to town about getting permit so we don’t have to pay to throw away collected trash

7. Southern Maine Trail Coordinator – Tyler Bronson is here tonight

8. Treasurer’s Report Read and Accepted

9. Membership report

a. 147 members

b. 81 memberships

c. 4 business members

10. Moving storage unit April 20th at 9 AM

a. Need to decide if we are going to get rid of any stuff

b. Bill is going to store sign post, stores signs already

11. ATV Maine Banquet is the 13th

a. Everyone that is going is all set to go

b. Going to email out address

c. It is about a 2 ½ hour ride from here

12. Northeast Motorsports Open house on May 11th

a. Need someone to go there and sit and talk to people

b. They are having food again this year

c. Sanford Club is going to be there as well

13. ATV Safety Classes

a. This month’s class will probably be full by the time that we have it

b. Jeff, Bill and Ed will be there

14. June 1st Ride

a. Ed will make a flyer

b. 15 dollars for a rider

c. 5 dollars for additional rider

15. Trail Reroute this year for Trout Unlimited

a. They are going to reclaim a section of trail

b. The silt from the bridge prevents them from doing this

16. Power line trail work

a. Some areas are getting very rough

b. Going to need to spend a lot of time on the power line trail this year

c. Snowmobile club put in three bridges south of depot rd last winter

d. Going further south from there is a huge swamp

i. Had permission for a reroute here but it was several years ago

17. Nomination of Officers

a. President – Eric

b. Vice President – Ed

c. Secretary – Steve

d. Treasurer – Mike

e. Board Member – Sue Watters

f. Vote Passed

18. New Laws from State

a. LD 1109

i. Would define ATV as under 2000 lbs weight and under 65 inches wide

ii. Would make it easier for warden to enforce people out on the trails that shouldn’t be out on trails in the vehicle they are in

b. Road bill was shut down

c. Waterboro has bill to allow selectman to designate road access routes

i. Pushed out further vote on this

19. Final Thoughts

a. Sue will stay membership chair

b. Need to see if we can open the road section of our trail area this year.

20. Meeting Adjourned

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