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January 2019 Meeting Minutes

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Secretaries Report

a. Previous meeting’s minutes accepted

b. Steve is going to put the new membership form on the website with the new membership cost

c. Steve is going to send out thank you cards to the businesses that donated to the Toy Run

3. Membership Report

a. 77 Membership

b. 137 Members

c. 4 Businesses

d. Steve is going to add a link to the website for our fourth business member

4. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

5. Trails Report

a. Trail Grant paperwork is going out tomorrow morning

b. Want to plan trail work better this year

c. Guy that asked to close the trails for the winter didn’t want to make a big deal about it, though reiterated it would be nice

d. Trails close for mud season currently and we going put signs out for that

e. It doesn’t bother anyone that there may be people out there snowmobiling or cross country skiing.

6. New storage units

a. We have several quotes from Rochester and Berwick area

b. The one in Lebanon would be ideal because it is a lot closer to the trail and there is a place right across the street that rents Uhauls, which would make it easier and reduce the cost of the Uhaul which includes a by the mile charge.

c. Could probably get rid of more stuff in the storage unit at the yard sale

d. Going to get a couple more prices as well

7. Trailer

a. Concerns

i. Insurance

ii. Where do we keep it

iii. Who hauls it

iv. Someone has to register it

b. A 5013C would register us as tax exempt

i. It could cost 5 thousand plus dollars

ii. The process could take a couple years

iii. It would be easier for us to get donations because business could write it off on their taxes

8. Raffle prizes

a. Going to make a decision at the next meeting

9. Yard Sale

a. Need to pick a date.

10. Meeting Adjourned

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