September 2018 Meeting Minutes


1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Secretaries Report Accepted

3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

4. Membership Report

a. 124 Members

b. 69 Memberships

c. 4 business members

5. Trailmaster’s Report

a. Reynolds Motorsports show

i. Wasn’t terribly organized

ii. They were trying to show off the new Mahindra thing the group has been lobbying to ban.

iii. We didn’t get any new membership applications and neither did any of the other groups there

b. Trails look good

c. Larry and Bill have been flagging extensions

d. Don’t want to open anything new until after night ride to avoid confusion

e. Want to set up a couple days to do trail cutting

i. Next Tuesday 5:30 and Wednesday

f. Setting up for night ride

i. Putting together grab bags for kids for the night ride.

ii. Setting up Saturday Morning 8 AM

iii. Can bring wood for fire to get rid of as long as it’s not pressure treated or painted.

g. Board walk trail needs to be trimmed back

i. Wear gloves and long sleeves, there is poison sumac if going to do it.

ii. Thicker stuff, weed wacker probably not going to work well unless it has metal blade, no need for chainsaw.

h. Don’t forget to bring snacks for night ride

i. Ed will be collecting the food to bring to charity

j. Taking Cash Donations too as well as baby and personal hygiene items

6. Safety Class to be held 22nd

a. Charlie Chasse is doing the class

b. Larry, Ed and Jeff will be there too

c. Starts at 8 AM

7. Suggestions for new activities or additions to existing activities

a. Obstacle course

i. Driver gets blindfolded and passenger has to give directions to get through course

b. Barrel Push

c. Barrel Race

8. ATV Maine

a. Looking for Accounts Payable Treasurer

b. New Insurance is not going to cover one person going out to do trail work, have to have at least two people.

c. Paid Insurance Premium and covered for night ride.

9. Motion to Adjourn Accepted


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Hatfield Pond Trails
CLOSED - Updated 12/6/2020
Trails are closed, see everyone in the spring!



Powerline Trail
CLOSED - Updated 12/6/2020
Trails are closed, see everyone in the spring!