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October 2018 Meeting Minutes


1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Secretaries Report Accepted

3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

4. Membership Report

a. 72 Memberships

b. 130 Members

c. 4 Business Members

5. Trails Report

a. Larry hasn’t been able to go out because he stepped on a nail

b. Needs signs out on new extensions that were put in last month

c. Continuing to do trail work Tuesdays and Wednesday 4:30

d. There is a new connector trail going in and it is going to need at least one 10 foot bridge

6. Toy Ride is the 4th, this is the last meeting before it.

a. Have collected prizes for the raffle, nothing high dollar

b. We need posters put into PDF for people that don’t have office software

c. Ed is going to reserve the Uhaul

7. Embroidery / Screen printing is done.

a. Mike and Jeff are going to pick up next week

8. Trail Maps

a. We have three drafts made

b. Bill is working with Jonathan on getting them done

c. Need to get them to the state to get grant money

d. Fundraiser could be to sell low cost ads to business on the map

9. Website

a. Steve is going to work on setting up a merchandise section on the website

b. Steve is going to look into what is necessary to take credit cards on the website

c. Sue would prefer to have checks sent for the merchandise.

10. Meeting Adjourned

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