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November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes


1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Secretaries Report Accepted

3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

a. Donation was made to fire department to go buy more toys in addition to what was collected at toy drive

b. Have Purchased more merchandise that is available for sale

4. Membership Report

a. 132 Members

b. 73 Memberships

c. 4 Business Members

d. Welcomed New Members Bob & Jan Sullivan

5. Toy Ride

a. Collected A lot of Toys

b. Cash Collected will be used to purchase even more toys

6. Trail Report

a. Bill didn’t make it

b. Building new bridge is slated for next year

c. Powerline trail is going to need work

i. There are rough sections that will need attention

ii. This is on agenda for next year

7. Sanford ATV Club

a. They have reached out and want to get clubs from ours to Hollis together to collaborate for trail work and events

b. They have scheduled a meeting for January

c. Some one is going to need to attend the meeting to represent our club

8. Need to continue to work on fundraising

a. There is no reason we can’t have more than three rides next year

i. We should have a benefit ride for the club

ii. On a summer night, night rides seem to be popular

iii. We could raise fees for club rides to help raise funds

iv. We could have a 50/50 raffle

v. We could raise the price for food or change the structure of how it’s sold

vi. Potentially could raise membership dues if we need to

9. ATV Maine

a. High Mileage club has been closed and consolidated into rest or budget

b. The ATV Maine website has been modified to make it work better on smart phones and tablets

c. The nomination of officers was held

d. Sue Lanouette was nominated to be secretary

e. There are concerns raised as to if we can lower the cost to keep sending people up to ATV Maine meetings and if we could drop the frequency to lower costs.

10. Northeast Motorsports Open House

a. Eric and Ed maybe a couple other people might go to try and get some memberships

11. Meeting Adjourned

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