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July 2018 Meeting Minutes


1. Introductions

2. Secretary’s Report Approved

3. Treasurer’s Report Approved

4. Membership Report Approved

a. 95 Members

b. 55 Memberships

c. 3 Business Members

d. New Business Member : Coasties ATV and Small Engine Repair 150 Rte 235 in Berwick ME 03901,

e. 279 Members last year

f. Normal to have low membership this time of year while doing renewals

5. Question raised if membership is needed to ride all the different club’s trails

a. ATV Maine is a state level organization

b. Clubs receive reimbursement for trails and for the most part once a trail has received state funds it becomes public.

c. Some specific trails do require membership to a club to ride on, not a specific club.

d. For Example there are 23 clubs with trails on Irving Paper Company land and they require you to be a member of a club that participates in ATV Maine and to display your ATV Maine sticker on your machine. These trails are in Aroostook County, Maine. “The County”. The northern most part of the state.

6. Trail Report

a. Power line Across Potter’s Field Done

i. Holes filled

ii. Deck in

iii. Side rails on

iv. Signs up

v. Talked to landowner, he is happy with our efforts to keep people off the field

b. 1 mile loop added to Berwick Trail which was an old trail that has been reclaimed

c. May be possible to add more trails in this area in the future

7. This weekend’s Charity Ride

a. Ride Leaders: Ed, Bill, John

b. Tails: Larry, Jeff, Jakey

c. Norm ready with food and porta-potty

d. Sue ready with Uhaul, loading Friday night 5 PM at old Rt.4 Storage

e. A auction of higher ticket items in raffle is suggested

f. Raffle tickets are normally sold for some prizes.

g. Bring Pasta and Potato Salad

h. Food Secured: Chili, Beans, Coleslaw, Burgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs

i. Fee is $20 per machine and $5 for each additional rider

j. If registered in home state, do not need to be registered in Maine

k. Setup 7 AM at beach area off Ridlon Rd.

l. Keep Headlights on and an eye on the person behind you

m. If headlights get turned off need to stop and see what’s going on

n. Let leader know if going too fast at stops

o. Monster Truck Mud Run at Proving Grounds the weekend too and may be competing event.

p. Sanford Maine ATV Club is making progress, but may be straying into gray areas on some trails and caution should be taken to ensure legal compliance

8. Gave out Maine ATV Trail summary maps for attendees which show different clubs trail systems all across the state, and should be used in conjunction with maps that the clubs listed put out.

9. ATV Maine

a. Hosted by Copenwagon Trail Blazers

b. Point of discussion trying to find common ground among small and large landowners that often have much different concerns.

c. ¾ of a Billion Dollar Business with 2800+ Landowners

d. Next Meeting in Madawaska

10. Charlie will be going to the next ATV Safety Class

11. Meeting Adjourned

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