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August 2018 Meeting Minutes


1. Meeting Called to Order

2. Secretary’s Report Accepted

3. Treasurer’s Report Accepted

4. Membership Report

a. 67 Memberships

b. 121 Members

c. 3 Business Members

5. Trails Report

a. There is going to be an open house at Reynolds Motorsports in Buxton, ME

i. August 18th 10-4

ii. They want us to set up a table

iii. Ed and Bill might go

iv. Bring a table, couple chairs and some membership forms

b. Jackman

i. They have lost some trails but there is still a lot of great riding

ii. Bill was up there and did 60 miles in one week

iii. There was a bad storm a few years ago that washed out bridges and the trails were never reopened.

iv. Princeton Paper Company owns a lot of land in that area and have been very generous with land use even allowing riding during logging operations.

c. Temperatures are breaking so it will be easier to go out and get trail work done as it has been extremely hot recently

d. Want to go out and get trails ready for the upcoming night ride and toy ride.

e. There is a new loop in place and we might be putting in another new loop that is bigger next year

6. Safety Course August 11th

a. 8 AM

b. Ed will bring donuts

c. Next one is September 22nd

7. Night Ride on the 15th

a. Will have coffee and a snack

b. Bring non-perishable food donations – we are trying to fill a pickup truck

c. Please don’t just clean out cabinets, food needs to not be expired

d. We might need a couple extra ride leaders because it is harder to keep track of everyone at night.

e. We forgot last year about grab bags for kids and are going to try to do them again this year.

i. 79 cent flashlights from walmart

ii. Maybe a glo stick

f. Tom from Tuckahoe Turf Farm stopped in last ride.

8. Trail Cleanup

a. We haven’t done a official clean up yet but have still been picking up trash as we go which hasn’t been that bad this year in comparison to years past.

b. We took out a whole truck of trash on one occasion

c. There is a official Landowner Appreciation Day in September, where clubs compete to see who can collect the most trash on the trails and there are awards.

d. So far as we know there really aren’t any places that need to be cleaned up on our trails currently.

9. New Ideas

a. We want to try to come up with some new ideas for rides and events that would be more fun and interesting in addition to the stuff that we are doing now.

b. Sue suggested a balance style fair type game with an ATV to see if the rider can balance the machines in a set amount of time perfectly on the teeter-totter with prizes and contestants pay to enter which will also raise money for the club.

c. Eric suggested some kind of racing event with a prize and entry fees to raise money for the club.

d. Everyone is asked to bring some new ideas to the next meeting for events and fundraising.

10. Meeting Adjourned

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