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Meeting Minutes May 2018

5 / 9 / 2018 Meeting Minutes

7:00 PM New Elect Vice President Calls Meeting to Order

1. Dennis went over previous meetings minutes, they are approved.

2. Memebership report discussed

a. 135 Memberships / 275 Members

b. Coasty ATV & Small Engine repair recognized as new business member on 236 in Berwick, owner : Eric

c. It is noted $30 of business membership go to club and $20 to ATV Maine

3. Trail Report

a. Issues

i. There is a lot of logging going on in Berwick Trails

ii. Cluttered at best, some are unrecognizable

iii. Cleaning is needed

iv. Flagging need for new skidder trails

v. Power Line Trail Crossing Potters Property

1. There has been a lot of damage in the last two years

2. Plastic Matting needs to be replaced

3. 2 x 20 foot bridges are needed

a. Tom is okay with this has been contacted already

b. Bridges instead of matting should drain better and last longer

c. May 19th and 20th indentified as work days

i. Junk will need to be removed same day

ii. A few machines will be needed

iii. Signs are also needed

4. People are going off trail into fields and it is causing issues with landowner relations and causing property damage.

a. Request is made to have club sit out on a weekend at area to self police issue and make people aware that they need to stay out of fields.

b. Worksheets are handed out for people to do hourly work on own time and record for the club and should be brought back to the next meeting.

c. The club’s largest bridge is 450 feet long

4. Department of Conservation Report – Representative Tyler Bronson

a. Tyler’s Territory is below Augusta

b. Has been working with Sanford Club to help make new trail as well as other clubs in area

c. Request is made to have Wardens patrol problem areas on potter’s property.

d. Hebo Hybo Rd is identified as address of property

e. Sanford ATV Club has 11 miles of trail now in first year of operation

f. Working on Big Universal Map of all Club Trails

5. Yard Sale

a. June 2nd and 3rd

b. Jakey’s Daughter’s House

c. Rt. 4 Address is on Facebook page and has been emailed

d. 8 AM – 2 PM

e. Is benefit for Club

f. Bring Stuff to Donate

g. Need Help for Weekend

h. Need Volunteers to bring home whatever is left after and dispose of

i. Friday Night Setup is Discussed

j. Price Tag should be on items before dropping off

k. Everything will be left overnight Saturday Night

l. Tents are suggested

m. Tables suggested to be setup Friday night ahead of event

6. July Charity Ride for Grahmtastics

a. 14th of July

b. Charity has grown a lot in the last year

7. Storage Facility

a. Dinos is being sold

b. New owner will be in contact with us

c. There is no additional information available regarding the change in ownership currently but want club to be aware

d. We are allowed a discount currently

8. Mahindra Roxor

a. New ATV Weighs 3200 lbs and does not have low pressure tires

b. Diesel Engine

c. Basically a Jeep Wrangler

d. Weighs 1000 pounds more than a large UTV or 3 x’s as much as an ATV

e. Could be a major issue on bridges

f. Has potential to cause severe trail damage

g. Is the kind of vehicle landowners have requested stay off of trails

h. It is too late to ban this year and some dealers in the area are stocking it

i. It was discussed that similar vehicles have caused major trail damage in the past and collapsed bridges costing as much as $3,200 to replace

j. Department of Conservation notes that the club in the future may seek three times the cost of repairs for trail damage i.e. 9,600 in restitution for 3,200 in damages

9. Inventory

a. Youth sizes should be ordered to sell at events for kids and are requested every year

b. 164 + shirts and sweatshirts are in stock

c. There is a minimum order of 48 units to restock

d. May bring shirts and sweats to yard sale if someone can haul then in and out of storage unit.

10. ATV Maine

a. July 28th ATV Maine Trailer will be at Gray Animal Farm

b. A Permit of $260 fee is required to raise more than $10,000

c. August 11th and 12th is free weekend in Maine and out of state ATVs do not need to be registered in Maine as long as they are registered in their home state.

d. Polaris has launched a new Map App called Polaris Ride Command

11. Meeting is Adjourned

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